What time of year will Velo Sântana stations be available?

The bike sharing service can be used throughout the year. The activity may be suspended (in part or in full) for overhaul work or adverse weather conditions.

Who can use the Velo Sântana system?

The system is available to anyone over the age of 18. Young people over the age of 14 can also use bicycles, but they must go to the Velo Santana counters together with the legal guardian, and he must express his consent.

What is the duration of a ride?

Velo Sântana is designed for short and frequent rides, and users can use a bicycle without paying additional charges for up to 30 minutes / ride. If the 30 minutes are exceeded, you will be charged extra for each 30-minute block. If the bike is not returned within 4 hours, it will be declared missing / stolen and the authorities will be alerted.

Can I lend my subscription to anyone?

Not. Subscriptions are nominal and can only be used by the subscriber.

How can I remove a bicycle from the dock?

You have three options: Scan the QR code of the bike using the PBSC application.

How do I return a bicycle to the station?

Push the bike firmly with the front wheel into the dedicated space in the dock until a mechanical “click” is heard. Wait for the green light to confirm that the bike has been successfully locked in the dock. A red light will appear if the operation could not be performed successfully, in which case you should try again. If the red signal persists, you must follow the same procedure to another dock.

CAREFUL! The bike is still in your possession until it is locked back in a dock, and improperly locking it could cost you extra.

Is it mandatory to wear a helmet?

Romanian law does not require you to wear a helmet to use bicycles. Even so, use protective equipment (helmet, knee pads, armrests) for your safety in the event of an accident.

I subscribed online. Can I start using the service immediately?

Yes. You can download and use the PBSC application to rent a bike or unlock it from the station terminal.

I turned the bike over, the red light came on, but I can't pull the bike out of the dock. What I do?

Contact customer service at [to be completed later] and announces the failure. The red light indicates that the bike has not been properly locked and is still in your possession until it is properly locked or picked up by a Velo Santana technician.

What if I don't have a free dock to park my bike?

Report the problem using the dedicated function in the application or from the terminal. You will be given an additional 15 minutes to travel to another nearby station to lock your bike.

What do I do if there are no bicycles available at my station?

Consult the map on the website, application or terminal to identify a station with available bicycles. The map is updated in real time.

What if the bike was lost or stolen?

Report the loss or theft of customer service to your phone number [to be completed later] If you have lost your bike, penalties may apply.

What do I do if I have a bicycle accident?

Report customer service incidents and comply with applicable traffic reporting laws. Remember that you are responsible for the bike as long as it is in your possession, ie until it is locked in a dock or until it is picked up by a Velo Santana technician.

What do I do if the bike is defective?

Lock the bike in a dock and press the red button that has a key icon. The bike will be stuck, and a technician will come to the scene to fix the problem. You can unlock another bike at no extra cost to continue on your way.