Welcome! Access Velo Sântana from anywhere using the PBSC application.

Discover the locations of the stations, see how many bicycles and docks are free and unlock a bicycle with the help of your mobile phone.
Download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play

Rent a Velo Santana bike! It’s simple: you can rent a bike with the help of your smartphone after you have registered in the application, or by authentication, if you already have an account.

Do you have a subscription purchased from a terminal? Connect it to the app by entering your rental payment details!


Locate rental stations

With 8 stations in 8 different locations, you can access the map of the bike sharing system on your phone, to see which are closest to where you are and those in the area of your final destination. Discover the stations in the neighborhoods that interest you, keep track of how many bikes and docks are available and plan the most convenient two-wheeled trip!


Unlock the bike

Unlock a bike using the app! You can do this in two ways:

  1. Scan your bike’s QR code using your smartphone’s camera, and it will unlock automatically
  2. Select a station on the map and choose the option to unlock a bike. You will receive a 5-character code that you will type in dock, to unlock the bike.


Discover the features of the application

  • Real-time map, depending on where you are (don’t forget to allow your app access to your location first)
  • Real-time dock and bike availability updated
  • Buy rides or season tickets
  • Unlock your bikes easily by scanning the QR code
  • Watch your favorite stations
  • Tim your rides
  • Ask for extra time when you get to the full stations
  • Manage your account


About Velo Santana bikes

All bicycles integrated in the system are the FIT model, produced by PBSC, Canada. Built specifically for the urban environment, the bikes have been designed to be comfortable for people of any age, height or weight.

  • The aluminum frame is designed with a low center of gravity, giving increased stability to the bike
  • The adjustable and rain-resistant saddle adapts to the height of the user, and the rod is marked with a numerical scale retains exactly the position in which you feel most comfortable
  • The handlebars and gearbox are ergonomically mounted so that you can stand up straight and have visibility
  • The brakes are integrated in the metal frame of the bike, so as not to be affected by the weather
  • Dynamo-based lights and reflectors are mounted in front of and behind the bike, both for road visibility and to signal the presence of the bike in traffic.